Texas Southern University Alumnus Perry J. Miller Shines Light on the Everlasting Academic Decathalon Known as College By: Ania Sherman

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Mr.Perry J. Miller is currently the General Manager of William P. Hobby airport in Houston, Texas, also known as Hobby Airport.

He is here with us today to talk about what he has accomplished, and he owes it all to Texas Southern University.

Mr.Miller has received his Bachelor of Science Degree, and Master of Science Degree in Transportation Planning and Management from Texas Southern University in 1990, twenty-four years ago.
Early on in college he was a poor student, indecisive, and had not even chosen a major.

One day he went to talk to his counselor, and she described some options.

The newest option That Texas Southern University offered now then was the science and aviation program.

This was just the beginning.

He begins in lighthearted banter about technology and gets right down to business. He grabs the podium and begins with his accomplishments.

Later he describes love for aviation as a child because of his grandfather.

As he speaks about the love of Texas southern he interlocks his hands to signify unity, and balls his hand in a fist to define hard work.

As he describes his love for airplanes he moves his hands in various upward motions in wonder as if watching majestic airplanes in flight.

He also talks about his public speaking class, and how fear can hold you back and clasps his hands looking back at his despondency.

Public speaking class, he talks about taking his first exam and failing miserably.

His facial expression tells you that it was a positive experience because he learned and used it positively thanks to his professor.

Because of this his professor asked him a couple of questions and one of them were.

“Do you know how to study?” his professor said.

“no” said Miller.

he replied relentlessly, then he did not know how to study, and did not know that there was a system behind it.

So his teacher told him to buy a book that would solve all of his study problems, and this was the best thing he ever did.

Later, he explains that he felt like the king of the world.

Starting again in a new semester with getting all A’s last semester he felt confident.

Until one class came along.

He speaks of defeat of the most soul crushing kind, failing calculus.

He thought it would be easy in the beginning, his professor told him that everyone started out with an “A”. An “A” he thought to himself , and said

“This would be a piece of cake, a walk in the park”.

As he studied and became persistent he learned calculus, and came to love it, in fact he took more math classes and even jokingly said

“I might even have a minor in mathematics “.

Mr. Miller also advised everyone to be involved in extracurricular activities.

He says that

“the experiences and lessons that we are learning from today are shaping and molding us into the person we are going to be”.

He talks about sometimes times are tough, but that unfortunately molding is a pretty painful process.

He says that his success was mostly due to failures and wanting to do better.

“We should all want to do better, and become better people” said Miller.

Mr. Miller also showed gratitude to all the teachers, professors, and mentors that have helped him along the way, as he did this he reached out his arms in gratitude.

They helped him to become a better person.

He was so thankful that you could see it on his face.

They gave him a work ethic, and instilled all the values that he needed to become the General Manager of the of William P. Hobby airport in Houston, Texas.

He took a moment out, to contemplate what could have happened to him, if he should have fallen through the cracks, and shakes his head in disbelief.

He reminds us to do what we need to do in order to become successful.

He says to dedicate and do our best in everything that we try.

He also says to step out of your comfort zone like when he took extra mathematics classes, “you never know what you might find?”.

Mr. Miller also is very thankful for that public speaking class that he had to take over twenty- five years ago.

It has helped him become the quite the orator that he is today.

My thanks goes out to Mr. Miller for his inspiring words, and gestures.

He makes public speaking look easy.

He had lessons, and things that we needed to hear.

All and all, he lead us in the right direction that we needed to be going in.

In the end Mr. Miller inspires us, and lets us know, that anything is possible, thanks to Texas Southern University, God, Support, and a little bit of study time.


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