Black Lives Matter: a Personal Piece

Before I begin, I would like to explain how this is not another story about racial injustice. It is about how, racial injustice has robbed it’s own society of a natural resource. A resource that is more inimitable than diamonds, gold, winning lottery numbers, or striking oil in your own backyard. Bigotry hurts by stunting the growth of our youth and depriving not only the nation but the world of their capitalization.

Imagine throwing away your winning lottery ticket, or selling your land, before you realized the potential. Then you realize that it was stolen from you. You were bamboozled out of your ticket and its winnings, and forced off your land by the government to build a highway. You never had the chance to cherish, protect or to see the outcome of this grand opportunity.   

Think just for a moment. Trayvon Martin could have been the new age Martin Luther King Jr.. Michael Brown could have the new age Mike Zuckerberg. Maybe an inventor, who created an invention to end world hunger. A musician, who used their God given gift to spread love. A Nobel peace prize winner honored for settling the conflict between Jews and Muslims over the holy land. 

Black lives matter because, they are vital to society. Sadly they are not treated as such. African Americans in general are always discriminated against. It is sad that today in the twenty-first century that we are still fighting for equality. While doing the simplest things such as walking down the street we, are gunned down and shot in the street like dogs. We should not have to be afraid for our sons, brothers, and fathers lives constantly. It is as if we are in the middle of the war on terror, with nowhere to run, and no place to hide.   

It is a shame that African Americans cannot be appreciated. Especially since in the past, and even today they constantly prove themselves to be assets to society. We have assets such as  Madam C.J. Walker, Lewis Latimer, and Thomas J. Martin whom continue to make our lives easier today. Madam C.J. Walker created the hot comb which later lead to the flat iron. Lewis Latimer created the light bulb in which we are familiar with today. Thomas J. Martin who created the modern day fire extinguisher. All of these inventors are African American whom have improved and even saved lives. I believe that they should be appreciated for their inventions, and celebrated for their heritage.

In conclusion bigotry in the long run hurts us as a nation. Our children are hurt and we are robbing ourselves as a nation by stunting the growth of our African American people. Ultimately we boast to be this big great nation, but not many countries deal with racism. To be hated over something such as skin color is profoundly absurd, it cannot be changed, so why hate it. Sadly if you still do not believe that black lives matter, it’s quite alright we will still be there when you turn on a light, or when your house burns down.  


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