T.V. Is My Life

An AMC original show. Based on a post-apocalyptic world where the “Walking Dead” rule the world. These main characters find each other and become a family protecting one another against the walking dead, and the living dead.

A Fox original t.v. series. This show is about a fun loving, ditzy indian woman, who is an OBGYN in New York City. Her antics amuse her co-workers, who are just as crazy.

A Fox t.v. series original show. This show is about a corky native Portlandian named Jessica Day with a can do attitude, living in a loft with 4 guys. Her model best friend Cici tries to keep her sane, but falls short when dealing with all of her roommates.

Hit the Floor is a VH1 original series.  This show is about Asha Hayes a drill team dancer for the Los Angeles Devils basketball team. Drama is around every corner as, scandals arise, from her finding out her father is the basket ball coach, to her previous coach being murdered. All while her team leader Jelena Howard tries to sabotage her.


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