Trying to be Gluten-Free?

The Gluten-Free Struggle

They say taste is 90% of smell…for all of you thinking it I’m going to call it; its bull crap.

Going gluten free is not that hard, some say. Yet I have had a different experience.

No one tells you about the withdrawals. Yep, I’m still talking about bread people, not crack.

I’m actually surprised that there isn’t a 12 step program, to help with struggles. Because I’ve had real lows.

My low was when I went to burger joint on westheimer to get my mother and I milkshakes. She wanted my favorite, a classic! cookies and cream. I on the other hand settled for strawberry-banana.

On my way back to the car the smell threw me off. I began daydreaming, if not hallucinating about these cookies. They taunted me. The smell spun through my nostrils and danced on my lips, then my tongue and teeth responded, by saying “I want you”.

Then out of desperation, I came to a compromise, that I now regret. I took the maraschino cherry. That was atop of the whipped cream garnished with cookie pieces, and ate it….well not necessarily, I more so inhaled it? I was so excited, I doubt that it even touched my tongue.

Sadly I felt all the guilt that came along with cheating, but none of the pleasures, or satisfactions.

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